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Barack Obama...Superman?

Barack Obama Taking On The Healthcare System

Over in America President Barack Obama’s trying to make big things happen in the health insurance front. Does anyone out there agree with his methods? I’m extremely interested in this one and I for one don’t know if it’s ever going to get sorted out.


This is a debate that’s been running on for a while now and I would be happy for anyone to leave a comment on this and let me know what you think.


Is he going the right way around it?

Will it ever work out?

Has he already made significant changes?


In my eyes only time will tell. Medical insurance Quotes are available on most websites that are in the health business and I’ve got to say there is some out there with affordable prices for family’s to take advantage of.

Strategy for locating the best health insurance quote
The economic downturn showing very few signs of letting up for us 'ordinary' consumers, those of us lucky enough to be in work and own our homes are having to prioritise and shop around for the best deals on every single product we buy. including our medical insurance.

The downturn has no doubt affected our society in many ways (some of which we probably are not aware of yet) - and health has suffered. The NHS has been severely tested as more people fall ill from stress related illnesses - making it difficult to get an appointment with a specialist if you fall ill.

Therefore, even though our finances are somewhat under pressure, there are still many people who wish to have the security of private medical insurance behind them, if something should happen. Most consumer experts will encourage you to shop around for your health insurance quotes. This can be done effectively online, there are numerous health insurance comparison sites, however, sometimes it may be wise to go direct to the company themselves. Most of the biggest health insurers should be able to give you a free no obligation quote.

Good luck with getting your quote, if you have any experiences which may be useful please feel free to let us know.

Poll #1527066 Health Insurance comparison sites

Do you use comparison sites to get your health insurance quotes?

Yes, all the time - saved money
No never, always go direct
Possibly would if the deal was right for me

Scottish NHS not performing post-devolution: report
The NHS in Scotland is not performing as 'efficiently' as England according to The Nuffield Trust report into the health service post-devolution.

The report can be downloaded from here, and if you click the image below you can see a Powerpoint presentation featuring the key facts and figures used in the report.

Do you live in Scotland and work for the NHS? What do you think of the report?

Anyone Fancy Taking the Hundred Pushups Challenge?
I was alerted to this website by some of my work colleagues, who like me are keen to shift some of the excesses of the festive period. It's the the hundred push ups training program ( See the website for more information. Essentially, it provides a training programme uniquely tailored to your ability which will enable you (in time!) to complete one hundred push ups! There are also a number of other programmes for sits ups, squats and more.

Ive signed up and have started my programme, is anyone elese taking the challenge? Let me know how youre getting on...........

In case anyone needs some tips on how to do these excercises:

Push Ups:

Sit ups:

Health Insurance - A Luxury?
A recent survey has revealed that UK citizens are more likely to take out insurance on the contents of their homes, than they are to insure themselves in case of an accident or serious illness for themselves and their families.

The survey undertaken by ipsos-MORI, into changing patterns in the UK population has uncovered that only 15% of Britons are covered for critical illness, to provide either a lump sum or cover income in case of time away from work.

By far the largest factor in keeping people from taking out the necessary cover, is the common perception of it's prohibitive cost, with over 44% of people surveyed revealing they believed it to be too expensive. Whereas a significant number also believed it  was unnecessary in their own circumstances, as they had their own savings which they  believed would cover any eventualities. However how long would these savings last in the event of prolonged absence.

The problem is however in the public perception of the price, there are many benefits to Privare Medical Insurance, and the cost is probably not as high as you might believe, are fully flexible plus many suppliers offering discounts when you buy online.

US Healthcare Debate

The lastest rumblings in the US healthcare debate has reminded us of an interesting article from the excellent US News website entitled, ‘British like their healthcare, don’t care what you think‘. There is currently a huge debate underway in the US regarding reform of their healthcare system, President Obama has pledged to reform the system (he identified healthcare reform as a key policy area during his campaign). The US does not have a universal system of healthcare coverage, instead the burden is on the individual to obtain health insurance. Most US citizens get coverage through their employers, whereas others must sign up for private healthcare shemes.

With this in mind, the article and many others have been outlining the differences between the US and UK Healthcare systems, as well as the pros and cons of each. As the Salon article describes, a number of prominent Republicans including The GOP have been deriding the UK healthcare system as unworkable and dangerous, using such taglines as:
Go on the government’s dime for medicine, and you’ll die waiting for that easy surgery!
There are also complete falsehoods and scare stories:
In Great Britain, individuals lose their right to make their own health care choices.
This proves that The GOP has completely failed to understand UK health system. That we have a choice is the whole point of our system – its not perfect but it works. You can use the NHS for free, however, if you wish to pay for private health insurance cover and treatment then that is fine – you decide.

A quick note to point you in the direction of the excellent website Healthtalkonline. There are a great number of videos on the site featuring real people talking of their experiences in a wide variety of medical treatments. Here's a short BBC video on how the website works...........

Apologies for the delay in recommending this website, we should have done this long ago. Are there any other great health sites out there that we need to know about?.......

Are we too obsessed with hygiene?
According to research from the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, there is evidence that our 'too clean' lifestyles are leaving us open to infection and disease. The findings reveal that through over-use of antibiotics, antibacterial hand wash, and disinfectants, people in the UK have become too clean. Already us Brits have the highest allergy rate in the world, with almost 40% of the population allergic to something.

The full story can be read on the Daily Record Website.

There have been similar reports published in the US over the past few weeks, suggesting that Scientific consensus is strong on this issue.

What are your thoughts on this research? Are we being washing too much (especially our children), and is this resulting in allergies developing later in life? and how exactly does one get the correct balance between clean and unclean?

We are interested in your opinions!

Childs Health Insurance Poll
Obviously the health and wellbeing of your children is a vitally important aspect of family life. We are interested to know what your opinions are on the subject of childs health insurance. Do you feel that the benefits are worth the investment in a child healthcare plan?, i.e.

  • Thorough tests to diagnose your child’s condition
  • Private hospital treatment
  • Specialist consultations before diagnosis
  • Private treatment such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and CT, MRI and PET scans
  • Stay with your child at the hospital where they are being treated
  • Other benefits such as private ambulances

Thanks in advance for filling out our poll!..........

Poll #1474285 Childrens Health Insurance

Do you plan to take out a health insurance policy for your child in the near future?


Dental Health Insurance: Worth Consideration?
Some of the leading health insurance companies estimate one in five of us avoid dental check-ups simply because of the costs involved, and a million fewer people visit the dentist than 2006. Obviously, this is not an ideal course of action to take, but there is no avoiding the fact that people do not percieve dental treatment to be a vital cost, particularly in these difficult economic times.

What does dental treatment cost?

If you are fortunate enough to find an NHS dentist, the costs of treatment can be high. Some examples could be:
  • Basic check-up around £16
  • A large filling is about £45
  • More complex treatments such as bridges etc coming in at around £200
Private treatment costs are harder to guage, but they are likely to be around twice the costs of NHS treatment.

Choosing Dental Insurance

Fortunately, you can begin to offset these costs somewhat by taking out a Dental Insurance Plan. There are various types of insurance available (dependent on the insurance provider) but essentially you can by dental care only insurance plans or a cash plan that covers your dental treatments.

The costs of these dental insurance policies are dependent on the level of cover you select, for example, cheaper cover will only suffice for basic treatment on the NHS. Some providers will place upper limits on claims and may also exclude certain conditons and treatments.

A healthcare cash plan is a good option for you, whilst standalone dental insurance will enable you to book treatment without the need for assesment. Some dentists offer their own schemes where, after an assesment a monthly sum is agreed to cover your dental costs.

In conclusion, negelecting the dentist is not a clever idea. Perhaps a Dental Cash Plan to meet your specific needs is a sensible idea.


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